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Name: Dreamin´ in the Park with Alice
Composed by: Frank Bilsen e.a.
Arranged by:: Frank Bilsen
Year: 2007
Produced by: Kees Janssen Theatre Productions
Copyrights: all rights Kees Janssen Theatre Productions
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Opening show for the Parktheater in Eindhoven, where Frank has composed new music and arranged existing pieces for an orchestra of 8 musicians.

Frank Bilsen: grand piano, synthesizer, toy piano
Inge Frimout-Hei: harps, synthesizer and vocals
Hubert Heeringa: saxophones, EWI, trumpet
Esther Iglesias: cello
Age Kat: guitars, banjo
Paddy van Rijswijk: bass
Marnix Stassen: percussion and drums
Han Wouters: drums and synthesizer