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Name: Het Web
Composed by: Frank Bilsen. Except Non, je ne regrette rien)
Arranged by: Frank Bilsen
Year: 1998
For: Eneco
Produced by: NEB Communicatieprojecten

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Completely over the top production in a huge cone shaped tent, with the orchestra positioned on a 3 storey stage. With diva Karin Bloemen and mime-clown Peter Shub.

Linda Bloemhart, Angela van Rijthoven, Yvonne Rooda: vocals
Jeroen Goossens: didgeridoo, bassoon, flute, horn etc.
Barney Broomer: dubmixer
Martijn van Agt: guitars
Pieter-Jan Cramer: keyboards
Marnix Stassen: percussion and berimbao
Rene Spierings: classic percussion, djembé, marimba
Norbert Sollewijn-Gelpke: bass
Dave van Beek: drums